Application of Integrated Hydro-Hydraulic Model to Assess the Impact of Infrastructure on Flood Drainage Issue −Case Study for The Downstream of Kone-Ha Thanh River Basin

3/12/2024 2:51:00 PM

The influence of the infrastructure system on flood drainage is increasingly concerned in recent years. It is the foundation for socio-economic development planning. The study was carried out the downstream of Kone-Ha Thanh river basin. In this study, the integrated hydro-hydraulic models are applied to evaluate the impacts of these objects on the flood drainage issue. The models are calibrated and validated to be consistent with the observed data. By simulating the whole system, the model shows that the roads are the main hindrance objects to flood drainage. The drainage capacity of current culverts cannot adapt to the design flood. It causes flooding upstream of the main roads crossing over the basin. The residential/industrial areas also have a significant impact on flooding. Urban/industrial areas increase the inundation level in the surrounding areas while flooding duration is insignificantly affected. This shows the shortcomings of current standards in Vietnam for the design of roads as well as residential areas.